Saturday, 16 August 2014

First Taste of Summer Scoop!

So this is just a short introduction to my blog and a little about myself (hold the groans I promise it'll be short and sum what entertaining!) 

So I am a 17 year old blogger and am currently studying my a-levels in BTEC Sport, English Literature and Sociology, and like many other people my age I am trying to decide my fate for next year (dundundun!) whether that be University, Apprenticeship etc. Therefore, I have decided to create this blog in order to gain some experience as I have always enjoyed being creative and am considering studying some sort of journalism or creative writing  :)
So, this will be a place for me to ramble about my favourite books (warning: yes I am a nerd!), films, interesting things I may be doing or have already done already and occasionally to rant when needed!

Thank you for reading (if any one is!) and I hope you enjoy my various blog posts to come! (Although I am off on holiday soon so there will be a short delay!) 

Looking forward to expanding my blog and blogging experience,

Love Laura xx

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